workshops & demos

Come one, come all.
Whether we're marinating kale together or learning how to balance hormones, it's always a fun time! Attending one of our workshops will open your mind to a new way of thinking about your total health and wellness. Want to learn how to properly prepare raw vegan foods? Detox like a boss? Or supplement with specific nutrients to reverse your symptoms? Join us at our next live event and come ready to learn!

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herbalism workshop


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healing for women


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30 days to healthy living webinar


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holistic nutrition & detox

nov 2017 \ new castle county libraries \ delaware

Gain clarity around holistic nutrition and detoxification for good! What is gluten? How do GMOs affect your health? What foods should you eat? So many questions! Whether you're a beginner or a pro in natural health, you'll find great value in this workshop.

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the gut, hormones and bipolar disorder

july 2016 \ neurological disorders summit \ baltimore

Are you a practitioner who wants to integrate holistic therapies into your practice? Learn how the gut, hormones and Bipolar disorder are all connected - and how you can more effectively serve your patients or clients for their best outcomes.

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pharmacogenetics testing

july 2015 \ neurological disorders summit \ san francisco

Are you a practitioner getting mixed results from your patients' medications? Pharmacogenetics measures how drugs are metabolized in the body. While one person can take an ibuprofen and feel no pain relief, another may take it and feel relief within minutes. Appropriate testing identifies the metabolism rate so you can prescribe accurately and better ensure patient safety. 

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the raw foods panel
w/dick gregory

april 2014 \ new living expo \ san mateo

Join Cicely and this special panel of guest speakers as we discuss the important benefits of raw foods. Get tools and tips for an easy transition into going raw, or simply including more raw foods into your diet. The awesome Dick Gregory rounds out this awesome panel!

Event has ended.

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raw vegan cheesecake cure

nov 2013 \ green fest \ san francisco

What's so special about raw foods? Everything! We're giving you the low down on the importance of increasing your raw food intake, how to combat digestive issues during your transition, and how not to give up one of your fave desserts - cheesecake! And - we're making it (and tasting it!).

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3 Holistic secrets for living

april 2013 \ green fest \ los angeles

It's all about the basics, baby! Learn 3 simple secrets to taking your health from 0-100. We'll also craft and taste healthy herbal tonics made on site with herbs, fruit and water. Fuel up with the right foods and let thy food be thy medicine! 

Event has ended.