30-Day Clean Eating & Healthy Detox

30-Day Clean Eating & Healthy Detox


Cost of this program is $296 per person, which includes complimentary health consulting the entire time. You will be prompted to complete the registration form and provide your payment information upon clicking “purchase.” This item is not available for purchase directly from this site, as the products are not branded by Tao Holistics. We will complete your order with the information you provide, and will send you a welcome email when your registration is complete.

Detoxify, refuel and rebalance in my 30-Day Clean Eating & Healthy Detox program. It is complete with a 30-day supply of the {vegan and gluten-free} nutritional products you'll need to reshape your mind and body right before your eyes. You can expect to transform your diet, eliminate nagging symptoms and even lose weight and/or inches. Are you on the opposite end and can't gain weight? This is usually due to some metabolic deficiencies, and with some personalized adjustments, this program can help with that as well. Results vary per person.

This program can benefit absolutely everyone, kids included. Learn how to kick inflammatory, bad-for-you foods to the curb, what to replace them with, and give your pantry a permanent makeover with healthier, more nourishing foods for the whole family. I've also included more than a month's worth of incredible recipes for you and the entire family. This program takes the guesswork out of what, how and when to eat. It also puts a personal nutrition coach right at your fingertips for 30 days, with real-time, on-call guidance via a special app we only use with our private group.

This is hands down, the best place to begin for any nutritional or health improving goal!

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