Health on Your Terms


Do you feel “OK” at best most days? If you’re tired of feeling like a hamster on a wheel when it comes to your health, then do something different.
S T A R T H E R E . S T A R T N O W .
If you change nothing about your overall diet and lifestyle today, you’ll get the same results tomorrow.
Find the program below that best suits your needs and watch your wellness soar!


A. CORE Plan


It can be overwhelming when you’re trying to decide which products to buy and how to use them. Do you know which herbs will facilitate real detoxification? Nutrients that support adrenal health? Benefits of melatonin besides sleep?

The CORE plan provides ongoing professional advice on which herbs, supplements, functional foods, and skin products may be best suited for your intended goals. These recommendations are put into a custom protocol sent via email. This plan renews monthly for the best results, but you can cancel at any time.

Keep in mind that this plan does not include a review of your health history; therefore, our recommendations are more general than our other plans. Please alert us if you are taking any pharmaceuticals so that we can check for any possible drug-nutrient interactions.

The Core Plan includes:

20% off Arbonne products (including our 30-Day Healthy Living Program!)

15% off Tao Holistics herbal formulas

15% off online dispensary products (herbs, supplements + self-care products by other professional brands)

10% off lab tests, programs and online courses

Email support for product recommendations

Member-only specials & events

Upon your purchase, we will create a special member ID for you to activate your member-only discounts.

The CORE Plan is a subscription service and renews monthly.

The CORE Plan is a subscription service and renews monthly.


B. Intro to Perfect Health (Starter Plan)

$799 \ 4 weeks

The Starter Plan gives an impressive introduction to Perfect Health. This program is ideal for those who want to begin making long-term nutrition and lifestyle changes, but aren’t necessarily ready to commit to the full Perfect Health Mastery program.

This plan covers a full review of health history, functional medicine and Ayurvedic analyses, review of labs, and Perfect Health Assessment.

It features an Initial Consultation of up to 90 minutes, which focuses on your specific complaints and provides a therapeutic protocol with recommendations for nutrition, lifestyle, detoxification, etc.

Also included are weekly email check-ins and a 30-minute follow-up consultation to troubleshoot any challenges

Starter Plan benefits:

Everything from the CORE plan

C. Perfect Health Mastery

$2,199 \ 3 months

This health consulting program is great for those who are serious about their health and are ready to work thoroughly over a 3-month period. You’ll eliminate up to 50% of your complaints in just the first six weeks! If you struggle with or suffer from a chronic condition, this program is for you. It includes the Starter Plan along with other benefits listed below.

Symptoms can take years to manifest in the body. So, it’s only fair that you give your body time to properly identify and remove them. As you begin to eliminate nagging symptoms and initiate healing in your body, we will continue to address multiple aspects of your health and put a lot of time into helping you achieve your health goals, no matter how bad off you think you are right now.

Bi-weekly consultations and a detailed review of your health history, labs and progress are equivalent to about 9 hours of consult, research and review time. This does not include the time taken to create and personalize the online course feature or educational materials delivered throughout the program.

This cutting-edge level of care includes:  

Member benefits from CORE + Starter Plans
In-depth onboarding and education
Functional medicine and Ayurvedic analyses
Bi-weekly consultations
Lab review
Perfect Health Assessment (typed report)
Custom Perfect Health protocol (supplement and lifestyle recommendations)
Plant-based meal plan (based on Ayurvedic dosha)
Resource binder (hard copy + digital)
Complimentary access to online course feature
Choice of Saliva hormone test
or 30-Day Healthy Living nutrition set

The Perfect Health Mastery program includes direct practitioner access and one-on-one support.

The Perfect Health Mastery program includes direct practitioner access and one-on-one support.

Clean Slate delivers the best holistic nutrition information in an easy-to-learn online format.

Clean Slate delivers the best holistic nutrition information in an easy-to-learn online format.


Clean Slate Online Course

coming soon

Now you can learn the best in holistic nutrition at your own pace. This content-rich course shows you how to reset your health, regardless of a diagnosis.

Clean Slate teaches on the following topics:

Detoxification & the body organs
Meal planning
Cellular health
Herbs as medicine
Nutrition and dis-ease
…and more


I’ve suffered from allergies my whole life. After doing some gut cleansing and using Dysbiocide, an herbal intestinal support supplement, I have been allergy-free! Not only does it feel great to not suffer from them anymore, it’s great to know the product I am using has other beneficial effects on my entire digestive system. I would not have found this remedy without Cicely’s guidance and support!"

/ M.H. - Happy Client /

I lost 25 pounds in less than six weeks, simply following Cicely's meal plans and other health recommendations. I made a commitment to give it my best shot and it really paid off. I've learned so much!"

/  V.B. - Happy Client  /

I never thought I’d be saying this, but I had a 75% reduction in symptoms in just a few weeks, and I have had Multiple Sclerosis for decades! I feel like a new person and highly recommend the health consulting if you want to make a lasting change."

/  S.B. - Happy Client  /